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Malia is a small seaside town, 36 kilometres east of Heraklion. It has approximately 3,750 permanent residents and is the seat of the Municipality.
The history of Malia began in Neolithic times and flourished in the Minoan period, when Malia grew into one of the most important towns of Crete. The first reference to the name, however,
is in Venetian sources dated 1390 which mention it as "Maglia".Thanks to its location, wonderful climate and hospitable inhabitants, 
Malia is now a major tourist resort with well-organised hotels of all categories, tourist businesses, tourist shops, etc., meeting every requirement of visitors to the town.
However, the inhabitants also grow olives, vegetables, potatoes and bananas, enough to cover the needs of the area and its visitors.
Apart from the Palace of Malia, there are several other local sights such as historical churches and areas of natural beauty. 
The large sandy beach of Malia and the nearby beaches of Stalida (3 kilometres to the west) and Potamos are ideal for swimming and watersports. 
You can find very good food, delicious mezedes and good wine to suit every taste in the local tavernas and restaurants, and in the littletavernas in the old town. 
The many young people's hangouts, famous bars and other entertainment opportunities attract throngs of people, especially tourists.


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