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On the coastal front of the Municipality, the two busy resorts of Malia and Stalida, visitors are presented with many choices for a pleasant evening.
On the coast road from Malia to Stalida, extending as far as the western limits of the Municipality, you can try traditional dishes with your friends 
in dozens of tavernas and enjoy yourself in outdoor bars and beachfront cafés, to soft music blending with the sough of the waves. If you want more, 
you can go partying in the clubs and bars of Malia. Don't forget, along the beachfront extend 7 whole kilometres of many and varied nightlife choices. Have fun! 
Another alternative is a meal in the tavernas of the old town of Malia, now being restored and renovated, with colours of yesterday seen with the eyes of today.

So Malia Municipality is justly known as the place of fun and surprises.


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